Higher, Faster, Stronger

by HunchAugust 5, 2012 Lifestyle 0 comments
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Sometimes Less Is More

by HunchJuly 29, 2012 Economics 0 comments

Brevity, a concept I’m not particularly familiar with but sometimes less is more. I’ve spent several weeks trying to write a masterpiece article about how to fix the economy by devising some sort of magical leverage eraser or the economic equivalent of the reset button I loved to hit on my Nintendo when my Mario […]

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From The Mouths Of Babes

by HunchJuly 23, 2012 Finance/Capital Markets 0 comments

Tonight on HBO’s new episode of The Newsroom Olivia Munn’s character, Sloan Sabbith, said something like investment banks are gamblers and commercial banks are where you have savings and checking accounts. I say something because I find it difficult to concentrate when Ms. Munn’s unmitigated beauty is presented in full high definition glory on my […]

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If Everyone Is Thinking Alike Then No More Than One Is Thinking At All

by HunchJuly 1, 2012 Politics/Policy 0 comments

Since the Fourth of July holiday is approaching I thought it would be apropos to talk about revolution.  The Great Recession may not have warmed up yet, the U.S. government is over leveraged, and the Fed has no ability to prompt a turnaround.  What we need now are strong, brave leaders like those who were […]

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Let My Haters Be My Motivators

by HunchJune 26, 2012 Lifestyle 2 comments

First thing is first, title credit goes to Puddles; though I do believe the suggestion was that I hate Puddles but nevertheless I like the sentiment.  Today a friend informed me that there is a YouTube video disparaging Hunchenomnics.  While I am certain that this video attack was launched by a friend I thought this […]

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The Dog Days of Summer

by HunchMay 31, 2012 Finance/Capital Markets 0 comments
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