Let My Haters Be My Motivators

by Hunch on June 26, 2012 · 2 comments

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First thing is first, title credit goes to Puddles; though I do believe the suggestion was that I hate Puddles but nevertheless I like the sentiment.  Today a friend informed me that there is a YouTube video disparaging Hunchenomnics.  While I am certain that this video attack was launched by a friend I thought this would present the perfect opportunity to say BRING IT; I’M STANDING RIGHT HERE.  If you want to take me on bring some kryptonite because that’s the only chance you have; a four minute one second grainy video won’t cut it.  I mean seriously what were those accents supposed to be French mixed with Czech; and what was with that pipe, were you supposed to be Sigmund Freud or Sherlock Holmes?


This served as a reminder that strength doesn’t come from what others think of you but rather it comes from within, from standing your ground and doing what’s right regardless of the consequences.  To paraphrase Langston Hughes’ Still Here the snow has frozen me and the sun has baked me but I don’t care I’m still here.  Stand tall, hit first and hit hardest, leave it all on the field and if you hit a brick wall make it say ouch, make a you shaped hole in that wall.  Forget white whales, and glowing green rocks your physical and intellectual limitations are what you allow them to be.  Dig deep and be who you want to not who you’re supposed to.


 Mental toughness.


 You’ve gotta believe. 


As my Mom always says be unflappable; I find Rudyard Kipling’s If is a good guide.


In the spirit of letting my haters be my motivators I’ll post a new article each Sunday.  As a friendly reminder my personal motto is: You take me on I’ll take you out.  To those who would challenge me nemo me impune lacessit; and yes I can cover that statement. 


***Updated July 8, 2012


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Aaron_Williams 06.28.12 at 09:14

Judging by the nature of the video I’m almost 100% sure they were trying to portray Sigmund Freud.

Hunch Hunch 07.08.12 at 10:12

I’m not a fan of updating my posts after they’ve been posted but given the circumstances I thought I’d embed the video and a subsequent follow-up video for your reference. Moreover, I, apparently mistakenly, thought that Dr. Freud smoked a cigar not a pipe.

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