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Decision Making 101

by Hunch on September 30, 2011 · 0 comments

in Leadership/Management

The Honorable Christopher James Christie, Governor of New Jersey and according to recent press reports a neck and neck contender with President Obama in an imagined 2012 match up for the U.S. Presidency.  Recently there has been much speculation about and anticipation of Governor Christie announcing a 2012 bid for the Presidency of the United […]


By now even those of us living under rocks must know that S&P have taken the bold and idiotic action of downgrading the U.S. debt rating.  Like most economists I have an on-the-one-hand but on-the-other-hand argument with this particular decision.    On-the-one-hand this should clearly present to the President, Congress, U.S. citizens, and the world […]


With just a few short days from the looming U.S. debt cap going into effect it seems to me that the negotiations need a kick in the fourth point of contact.  This seems like an apropos time to interject my position.   The rift between our politicians, as I understand it, is basically raising revenue […]


Several years ago a friend was dating a girl in Canada; at dinner one night he complained that one Canadian Dollar cost ninety seven cents USD and that the exchange rate shouldn’t be that close to one for one.  He continued to comment about how he missed the gold standard, we’ll just set aside the […]


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