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Since the Fourth of July holiday is approaching I thought it would be apropos to talk about revolution.  The Great Recession may not have warmed up yet, the U.S. government is over leveraged, and the Fed has no ability to prompt a turnaround.  What we need now are strong, brave leaders like those who were […]



By now even those of us living under rocks must know that S&P have taken the bold and idiotic action of downgrading the U.S. debt rating.  Like most economists I have an on-the-one-hand but on-the-other-hand argument with this particular decision.    On-the-one-hand this should clearly present to the President, Congress, U.S. citizens, and the world […]


With just a few short days from the looming U.S. debt cap going into effect it seems to me that the negotiations need a kick in the fourth point of contact.  This seems like an apropos time to interject my position.   The rift between our politicians, as I understand it, is basically raising revenue […]


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