If You Don’t Win, You Lose

by Hunch on March 24, 2009 · 3 comments

in Leadership/Management

If this requires further explanation allow me to re-introduce myself; not as your self-imposed mentor, rather as the man who now owns your sorry ass.  I’m telling you now so don’t bitch about it later.


P.S. If you don’t win, you lose – is also known as the theory of everything.  And yes, it is comprehensive.

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tfkane4 07.07.09 at 14:03

The headline in and of itself is easy enough to comprehend, but I don’t really understand how the use of profanity would increase one’s understanding of it. That said, I am not sure that this aphorism is applicable to everything in life and would certainly not feel comfortable ‘imposing’ it on anyone and everyone I encounter.

Turc1656 Turc1656 07.28.09 at 12:54

You don’t understand how the use of profanity helps to clarify legitimate points? The force of your speech is directly proportional to the power it has over the listener. This is critical when attempting to impose your will on other human beings, as is apparently the case for this single post “writer” called Hunch.

March 24th and nothing new? Just a lonely little intro post? How did I even end up in this back alley of the internet anyway?

Hunch Hunch 07.28.09 at 14:18

Hunch Ruling:

The definition of lose is to not win.

tfkane4, instead of using words outside of the normal vernacular you might spend more time reading a lexicon so that you use them properly.

Turc1656, I assure you that this is no internet back alley HunchEnomics is among the finest business/economics/lifestlye bloggs. However, my musings have been scant lately and I encourage you to check back soon and often for new thoughts; I assure you that it will not be time wasted.

Thank both of you for your comments and please accept my inviations to continue reading and commenting.

Best Personal Regards,


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